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Counselor's Corner

Welcome back to another new school year! Students are learning and working hard. They are getting to know their teachers and making new friends. They are excited and happy but sometimes they get nervous or anxious about coming to school. You can help them have a good morining by getting clothes and backpacks ready the night before. Make sure they go to bed early and have their homwork done. Give them a hug and kiss and tell them to have a great day. After school ask them to tell you one thing they learned today or a fun moment they remembered for that day.

If you have concerns about your childs' homework, behavior, academics or any other concern please make sure you talk to your childs' teacher first. You can make an appointment to meet with them or leave a phone message so they can call you back. Keeping open communication between parent and teacher shows students we are working together to help them learn and feel good in school.

Should you have other concerns and would like to speak with me you may call me at 512 414-4653. I am here everyday from 7:15-4:00. As a school counselor I visit classrooms for  guidance lessons on getting along with others, making good choices, how to handle strong feelings and other topics as needed. I also see students in small group counseling or individually as well. We want our students to feel safe and happy in school. We are using the Second Step Curriculum every week that teaches students ways to listen with attention, ways to improve friendship and how to communicate with others appropriately. Puppets, posters and DVD's are used in a fun way to show students ways to handle challenges. Our staff is here to ensure the best for our students. We thank you for your support!