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About Harris Elementary

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Blue Ribbon School: No
Date Built: 1954
Grades: PK3-5
Academy: No
Day Care:  
After School Care:  
Mascot: Tommy G
School Colors: Blue and White

Mission Statement


The mission of the staff, parents, students and community of T. G. Harris Elementary is to provide a quality education for all students by making decisions in the best interest of children so that they become responsible, productive, and successful citizens.

School Profile:
Thomas G. Harris Elementary School, nestled in a quiet community of Northeast Austin bordered by Highway 290 and 51st Street, was built in 1954. Harris is a feeder school to either Pearce or Webb Middle Schools and to Reagan or Lyndon B. Johnson High Schools. Harris serves approximately 900 students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grades and offers after school care through the Extend-A-Car program. The student population consists of 40% African-American, 56% Hispanic and 4% Other.

School Goals


The Harris Village will ensure that all students meet or exceed the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in English Language Arts. 
The Harris Village will ensure that all students meet or exceed the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in Mathematics and become proficient problem solvers. 
Harris students will be self-disciplined, cooperative and responsible decision makers. 
We will actively involve the Harris community in the education of our students by creating a positive, welcoming school environment.

Major Programs and Initiatives


Strategies and action plans in these areas for the 1997-1998 school year include the further development and refinement of initiatives in these four goal areas. The Harris Campus Improvement Plan will once again guide and provide an evaluation and monitoring instrument to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts. The Harris CIP will be used as a reference tool and will be revisited on a regular basis at parent meetings, Campus Advisory Council meetings, faculty meetings, grade level and vertical team meetings.

The major improvement initiatives for the 1997-1998 school year will be in the area of parental and community involvement, literacy, math and student management. The area of parent and community collaboration with the Harris school administration and faculty and staff will be given priority attention. Careful attention and priority will be given to including Harris parents and community into the Harris instructionl programs provided to the students of Harris. Parent education meetings and sessions will be conducted weekly by the Harris Parent Involvement Representative. The number of Harris parents serving on the Campus Advisory Council will be increased from three to six parents.

Continued emphasis will be given to math and literacy best practices in grades PK through fifth. Refinement of the literacy instructional strategies by Harris teachers will be ensured by the consistent and regular monitoring of instructional practices through classroom observations, modeling and peer and consulting coaching in literacy strategies during the 1997-1998 school year. In the area of math instruction, Investigations will be a major instructional program that will rigorously be monitored for implementation as outlined in the Campus Improvement Action Plans.

A strong assertive discipline pollicy and campus wide student management plan will be consistently implemented in all Harris classrooms as outlined in the Campus Improvement Action Plans dealing with student management.